Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cool Things to Check Out

I know I haven't posted much content lately. I have been busy. But I wanted to recommend a couple of cool things to check out, based on some of what I have seen recently:

The Mourners & Bill Viola's Visitation at the St. Louis Art Museum
I have thoroughly enjoyed this exhibit, as is evidenced by my continued attendance and the drawings I am generating. Since I've said so much about it already I don't really feel the need to say more. But I do want to point out again that the pairing of Classical and contemporary art is wonderful, especially since it doesn't happen nearly often enough, and that this exhibit is well worth seeing.

Erik Spehn: Tape Drawings at the Sheldon Concert Hall Nancy Spirtas Kranzberg Gallery
These pieces act as wonderful documentations of Erik Spahn's painting process which has "involved applying strips of masking tape to the surface of his canvases, then painting over them, peeling them off, and taping and repainting again and again." The masking tape works bespeak the process while becoming interesting standalone pieces unto themselves. This exhibition marks the first showing of these works which the artist made primarily for himself, and these pieces may not be exhibited in a show unto themselves again. So this likely may be your only opportunity to view this body of work.

New Dress a Day | 365 Days. 365 New Outfits. 365 Dollars.

I discovered this blog through Yahoo's newsreel and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a unique and fascinating concept, and I love that it promotes creativity, resourcefulness, thriftiness, and sustainability and addresses environmental and economic concerns that many of us have. I also love the backstory, essentially making lemonade from lemons by pursuing a love of fashion and sewing instead of dwelling on the negatives of being laid off. I must admit that this would pose many more challenges for a larger woman like myself (especially if too many similarly inspired petite women wind up snapping up all of the plus size garments to reappropriate), and that I wouldn't alter some of the things that she has reworked. But I still adore the concept nonetheless and it's a great blog with some great fashion ideas. All of you fiber artists out there should take note!

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