Monday, April 15, 2013

Artist Resume & This Week: Augusta Plein Air

I recently embarked on a major undertaking in deciding to post my artist resume to its own blog after struggling with blogger to update my show list sidebar.  This is a record of all of the shows, art markets and alternative exhibitions I have been in, events, along with any other professional points (writing, jurying, school), donations, mail art & online shows, and more.  I have tried to post everything, not just the major events, and the list is as complete as I have.  My intent is to use this as a tool to record & preserve my own legacy and to have more control in promoting what I've done to those interested by using labels to differentiate by year and type of event (market, non-local, solo, St. Louis, WCA, etc.).

Please feel free to check out my artist resume blog here.

And now that I've finished that task, I am excited to announce that it's that magical time again - the Augusta plein air event starts this Wednesday!  I am looking forward to participating again this year and hope that the weather will be nice.  I am planning to attend as many of the events as I can, though I know there are a couple of days I will miss so check in with me if you're thinking about coming out to watch me paint.  I will definitely be at the sale on Saturday, April 27.  You can learn more about the event on their web page here.

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