Friday, October 29, 2010

Check Out These Projects

Several friends of mine have embarked on some really cool humanitarian portrait projects over the past while, so please feel free to check them out and show your support:

Christine Ilewski, Faces
Faces depicts children who have died as a result of gun violence. These childrens' likenesses are captured in watercolor portraits that are given to the family. Ilewski documents those portraits for the project by creating acrylic transfers on handkerchiefs, which are symbolic of loss.

Jennylynne Gragg, Grateful Hearts Project
Grateful Hearts provides 16" x 20" original framed portraits to families in Missouri and Kansas who have lost servicemen and women in the line of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Several artists have donated their time and talent to the project since its inception.

Jeane Vogel, Dare to Touch the Face of God
Dare to Touch the Face of God seeks to put a human face to religion through intimate portraits of leaders and people of faith across religions in order to promote dignity, tolerance and understanding and to counter religious hatred and misunderstanding.

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