Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wearable Art

As many of you likely know, I love costuming and wearable art, having written a review for Art Saint Louis' blog on Articles of Dress and having previously posted a link to Dress-a-Day on my own blog here. Anyway, here's another cool blog regarding fashion and wearable art. Robin Barcus Slonina has been working on a project called States of Dress by creating art dresses from materials representing each of the 50 states, such as poker chips for Nevada.

I adore seeing other artists making wearable art out of non-traditional materials (the weirder the better) and have even done so myself for the Missouri Fiber Artists fashion show at the conference earlier this year, including a cape and hat of bubble wrap and crating Styrofoam (from shipping electronics) and a shawl made from woven trash bags (pictured here at Halloween 2008, this was my Facebook profile pic for awhile). I hope to continue to explore these themes and costume and identity in my own work and am currently planning a vest/coat or dress made out of old art slides in response to my earlier question long long ago on my blog here.

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