Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art of the Week: Going Rogue

It's that magical time again - the Contemporary Art Museum's Open Studios event where artists all over town open their doors to the public.  I always love this event and have been really working to push the envelope in recent years with my art fair buttons, Art Is Everywhere signs and roving studio-in-my-car projects.

This year continues that trend with an unofficial, unregistered artwork called Going Rogue in which I will wear a trench coat throughout the event and flash people with framed artworks from Claude & my Monsterpieces.  Claude is even planning to come out of hiding to station himself in the getaway car.

Please be sure to also check out my 10-year art anniversary eBay auctions for July.  And as yet another 10-year anniversary bonus, I will be posting some more Claude artworks to eBay starting this weekend, so keep an eye out.

Jennifer Weigel's EBay Auctions

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