Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Legacy and Marketing, Promo and Publicity

Another thing to consider when considering your legacy as an artist is what sort of record of shows and events you are involved in and how you are documenting that for posterity. Anymore nowadays it is crucial to get the word out regarding anything you're doing to draw people to attend. There are so many opportunities to connect, so many venues for social networking and so many great ways to promote events.

But are you are doing so in a way that will be preserved later on? Consider the longevity of your means of imparting that information. If you're doing the legwork anyway, consider also emailing it to one of the online art calendar record-keeping sites, like the Feminist Art Project or the Women's Caucus for Art calendar. Or keep an ongoing record with blog posts.

This is something I admittedly need to work on myself. The blogreel list to the side is updated constantly and my past posts are extensive and somewhat difficult to navigate, and I don't always post about shows I cannot attend in person. I do however keep an extensive personal record (as displayed in my LAST CHANCE! show) and can transcribe or pull up that information easily. So there are other ways to do this - it doesn't have to be on a public forum.

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