Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This Week

I am very excited about the upcoming Interpretations show at Columbia Art League, opening this Saturday.  I have long anticipated this exhibition, which pairs off artists and writers so that they may respond to one anothers' works.  Each artist submitted an artwork for a writer to respond to and vice versa, so everyone will have two works in the show, one in which their original piece was responded to and one which was a response to another.  Artists and writers were paired off by lottery and given works to respond to anonymously, so nobody has any idea how these responses play out, though I'm sure some have their suspicions about whose work they were given to work with.  I'm less savvy to this than many of the others, though, since I don't live in Columbia and so am not as well-acquainted with everyone's styles.

Only 40 artists and 40 writers were selected to create 80 works between them, and I was accepted as both an artist and as a writer, which is a great honor.  So I will have two artworks on display as well as two poems.  The artwork I first submitted is my Traces Left piece, as seen at Framations earlier this year.  I chose this work because it begs more questions than it answers and is just a little creepy, causing one to wonder what happened.  I cannot wait to see what someone writes in response.  The Artwork I created in response to another writer's work Is the World Binary or Not? is my assemblage, She Wasn't Sure If Her Universe Was Expanding or Contracting.

artists & writers respond to one anothers' works
Columbia Art League
207 S. Ninth St.
Columbia, MO
Aug. - Oct. 2013
Reception: Saturday, Aug.24, 6 - 8 PM

And I recently found out that there will be a publication from the exhibition so that artwork and writing may be documented and presented together.  I cannot wait to see it!

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ChaoticBlackSheep said...

In fact, it turns out I'm one of only 2 artist/writers who were accepted for both, so it is indeed an honor!