Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art of the Week: Her Universe

I created this piece for the upcoming Interpretations show at the Columbia Art League later this year.  This unique exhibition pairs off artists and writers so that each responds to a work by another across the disciplines.  I was accepted as both an artist and writer, so I will have four works in the show (one poem to which another artist responded; one poem I wrote in response to another artist's work; one artwork to which another writer responded; and this artwork in response to another writer's poetry).

This piece is titled: She Wasn't Sure if Her Universe Was Expanding or Contracting.  It was written in response to a poem titled: "Is the world binary or not?"  I lucked into the broken clock and played off of the ideal of engagement & marriage in response to some of the questions about gender expectations that were raised in the poem.  The engagement ring medallion reads "yes/no" and her eyes include a "0" and a "1" in place of the pupils.

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