Friday, May 24, 2013

Tooting My Own Horn

I don't mean to complain lately, and have wanted to share my recent experience so that others may relate and realize that all of us have to deal with rejection constantly.  It isn't personal, especially nowadays with as much as is entered in shows.  (When the odds are 1 in 5 a whole lot of amazing artists simply won't make the cut.)  In truth, I'm somewhat overextended as it is so it's probably best that I didn't get into everything, even if I did hear back about all of them at once.

I want to focus on the positives in my career in this post and celebrate what I do have going on.  So please bear with me while I toot my own horn and share some of what I've been involved in and have coming up in June.  I have a lot happening, which is part of why I haven't kept up with this blog, but I plan to post more about some of the upcoming shows as they near.

I was recently interviewed by Kate Freeman on behalf of the WCA-STL about the legacy fund and LAST CHANCE! show, and a wonderful article was published in the May newsletter in addition to the mention in the April e-news.

I am honored to have several paintings represented at Webster House Galleries, both in the premiere exhibition and in the upcoming Feast for the Eyes show.  And a display of little miniature paintings are going to be in the upcoming Top Gear car-themed show at Third Degree Glass.  I also have a painting of St. Francis in the current WCA-STL show at the Vino Gallery and was awarded 2nd place in mixed media at the Augusta plein air event.

Residue is included in Columbia's Art in the Park event as part of their New Visions Pho-rest of outdoor signboards, and the Marry Me triptych is included in the upcoming PRIDE show at the Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center.  I am also gearing up for a couple of large scale photography projects, including a scavenger hunt in conjunction with Open Studios.

As for other media, the Trashed Out alternative fiber wearable made of trash bags will be in the Fiber Exhibition at the Columbus Arts Council in Mississippi, and the Summer Camp weaving works will be in the upcoming Perfect Pair show at the Syndicate Building in St. Louis.  I shipped the found object sculpture Healthy Harvest to Whitdel Arts in Detroit for the summer members' exhibition.  And I am honored that the Still Silent chair installation is included in the Unite Women online Women's Rights exhibit to raise awareness about violence against women.

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