Thursday, May 23, 2013

Riding Out the Storms

This is in response to my last post and really just goes to show that we as artists can't not try for fear of rejection.  After the seven declinations I've been accepted into four shows and am seeing a lot of things happening, locally and nationally.  If I hadn't taken chances I never would have had these opportunities.

Rejection can act as a record of growth, of a willingness to take risks and put oneself out there.  It does not constitute failure or imply that the artwork is substandard.  All it means is that one's work didn't fit into that show at that time, at least insomuch as that juror thought.

I have a very hard time not taking things personally, but I recognize that they aren't always, at least when it comes to my art.  Now if I can only learn to apply that to my life...

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