Saturday, January 30, 2010

Square Foot Show 2010

Last night was the closing reception for the Square Foot Show at ArtDimensions. The reception showcased the art, live music and a pasta dinner and provided an opportunity to sneak preview the new gallery space on Cherokee Street.

The new space is quite nice. There is ample room for performance & live art and they are even planning some film screenings, including Who Does She Think She Is? coming on February 28. There are several artists' studios with high visibility from the main gallery space and others that are more tucked away and off the beaten path. There are also several installation art spaces in which Davide Weaver has created elaborate evolving environments incorporating his work and works by other artists. The Flax Gallery has its own space and there is also space for solo and curated exhibitions, currently featuring A Baker's Dozen by Britt Tate.

The show was hung well and filled out the space nicely, with works hung on the large main gallery wall in three rows and then throughout the space in single and double rows as suited. Unlike last year, artists were invited to produce their work on whatever surface they wanted and were not encouraged to work on specific canvases. The specificity of the size, 12" x 12" still tied the show together and it was nice to see the varied approaches as I think the freedom of materials and presentation drew in a more varied assortment of artists than the more structured format last year. I also liked the inclusion of the children's art on its own wall as part of the show.

All in all, I was impressed with the new ArtDimensions space and think it will serve them very well. (I've always loved Third Floor Gallery, but I think this is a better fit for that group as a whole, and the Cherokee Street area also seems to suit them well.) I had participated in the Square Foot Show in 2009 as well - check out what I had to say about it then.

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