Friday, February 26, 2010

Art of the Week: Surprise

I know this is an awfully long post, but this piece, called Surprise or SURPRISE! Re-Connect, requires a lot of explanation. (For that reason, it's probably lousy for Art of the Week, but I don't care because it's funny.) So, I made these Post-It notes for Cranky Yellow's first It's Too Late for Fun Time Event (noted below). I am smuggling them into various CD stores and hiding them in random CD cover booklets where unsuspecting browsers/buyers can find them. (If you scroll all the way down this post to read the theme for the event this will make more sense.) Happy searching...

Dear Sir/Mrs./gentlepeople, We are writing you to cordially invite you to participate in the VERY first ALL-NEW, never-before-seen, too-ahead-of-its-time CRANKY YELLOW VARIETY SHOW! But this'll be no ordinary variety show... The show, called TOO LATE FOR FUN TIME, is like one of those collaborative artistic projects that tend to be popular among the hippies, Communists, and some types of fresh-water dolphins and orcas (just the males). Here's the low-down: we provide this really super cool theme (detailed at the bottom of this email) and you run with it. All we ask is that you use the theme for some degree of inspiration to create your original act-of-a-lifetime for TOO LATE FOR FUN TIME, and you're set! TOO LATE FOR FUN TIME will be a showcase of the wide-ranging interpretations/spins/manIpUlashunons that creative people in St. Louis come up with based on the chosen theme. At the very least, TOO LATE FOR FUN TIME intends to be an outstanding testament to the creative juices of you, and you! And you...And you. If you have a loss for ideas re: an act, please consider one or many of the following options: -musical acts (cabaret singin', solo musicians, bands, electronikkkkka, acapella, the spoons) -poetry (spoken word, reciting original work) -comedy (sketch comedy, stand-up, improvisation) -any kind dance/movement/interpretive dance/step -exercise/yoga instruction -burlesque -pole dancing -magic -any circus acts (NO LIONS) -illegitimate medical/legal advice -storytelling -video shorts -dream interpretation -narrated slideshows of photography from really good and/or fancy vacations -drag -trivia -origami lessons -belly dancing -creative writing readings -soap box political speeches -rants/raves -etiquette lessons -special talents (hula-hoop, fire-eating, speed dating?) -anything else you can possibly think of..! Oh and wait, wait, before you go... THERE ARE SOME GUIDELINES. 1. Please refrain from acts containing Physical Violence and/or Hurting. 2. Participants are strongly encouraged to wear festive costumes. 3. Due to time restraints, each act must be no longer than five minutes. Going overtime may result in some confrontation with a vaudevillian-style hook. If you wish to participate, please let us know by SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27th AT THE LATEST with your name and a three-word description of your act. The first TOO LATE FOR FUN TIME will be performed at Cranky Yellow on Friday, March 19th, from 9pm - Late. To learn more about Cranky Yellow, please visit our website at Also, you can visit us at our store, located at: Cranky Yellow 2847 Cherokee Street St. Louis, MO, 63118. Hope to hear from you soon! And if you know of anyone that might be interested in participating, please send this along to them, too! Sincerely, Jo and the Cranky Yellow team! THE THEME: (drumroll plz!) The theme of this first TOO LATE FOR FUN TIME is based on what we believe to be one of the more beautiful Missed Connection Ads from the St. Louis Craigslist. Please interpret this passage as you see fit:
Post-it note inside of a Death Cab for Cutie album - m4w (a secondhand record (cd?) store) Date: 2010-01-13, 11:56PM CST Reply To This Post This CD was actually purchased as-used quite some time ago, but upon finding the CD case (I lost the post-it), my curiosity has been once again sparked. There was a cell phone number written on the post- it under the words "Risk it. You know you want to." and a picture of a hand holding up a peace sign. I must've been feeling particularly ballsy that day, because I called it, only to be greeted with complete confusion and me apologizing to the girl on the other end for such a bizarre phone call. I can only assume that one of three things happened- someone beat me to the punch and harassed the shit out of you, it was a prank on a friend/enemy, or you got a new phone. Either way, my curiosity stands. I don't know if I would want to meet you (probably not- I bet you are horribly disfigured in ways that only my darkest nightmares could possibly materialize), but I would definitely like to know what prompted such a feat. Tell me what you drew between the index and middle fingers on the peace sign, the title of the album, and where you may have sold this album to so I know it's you. Thanks! •Location: a secondhand record (cd?) store •it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests PostingID: 1551879822

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