Tuesday, May 4, 2010

D&D 4e Druid & Bard Classes Rock!

I've raved before about how the Wizard Class rocks in D&D 4e, but I've since become enamored of some of the other classes as well, so I thought I'd revisit that theme. I'll keep it short for all you non-gamers out there.

The Bard Class has to be one of my new favorites. Truthfully, I'd always liked the Bard Class before, but I was recently running a Gnome Bard and there's just a lot to be said for Vicious Mockery. Best power ever... :)

And now I'm running a Dwarven Druid. Weird I know, but there are a lot of great synergies there. And I like the Controller role, so the Druid Class is great. I think I even prefer it to Wizard, though I've been gaming longer in 4e so now I have a better idea of how the game plays out and thus it's hard to say.

In other gaming news, I am among the artists who are creating illustrations for the 2nd RPG blogger anthology, so keep an eye out for that later this year.

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