Saturday, May 29, 2010


I made it to part of the reception for Homecoming Fluxus: and Visual Poetry by Regional Natives at the Regional Arts Commission last night. The show, curated by Keith Buccholz of Fluxus St. Louis, features artworks by John M. Bennett, Keith A. Buchholz, Larry Miller and Cecil Touchon and runs from May 28 - July 11.

The exhibition, performances and poetry readings were wonderful. It is a great reflection on some alternative artists, collaborations and processes happening throughout the city and on Fluxus itself. A wide range of artworks with appeal to a wide range of people are featured, from the lighthearted to the thought-provoking, the personal to the political, the humorous to the deeply conceptual... Many pieces encourage viewer interaction and creativity.

Reception attendees could register themselves as Original Humans in Larry Miller's Genetic Code Copyright program, declaring to "forever copyright [their] unique genome[s]." Registered persons are supplied with certificates of their registration. Keith Buccholz has yearly compilations of his Fluxkits available for perusal, the most recent of which includes information on my Penny Project from Fluxkit Quarterly. Numerous books are included to read and peruse, along with found object artworks galore.

Due to the nature of this exhibition, as there are a lot of things to pick up and interact with and even more things to read, make sure that you give yourself ample time to really immerse yourself in the show. This is not a show one can just fly by en route to something else - it needs time to be experienced.

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