Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art of the Week: Mass Produced Patriotism

It's been awhile since I posted Art of the Week. Here's a picture of my new window installation at Cranky Yellow Publishing in anticipation of July 4.

The centerpiece of the installation is my Mass-Produced Patriotism piece, which can be better seen in the detail to the right. That artwork incorporates an array of USA flag-themed items, none of which were produced in this country, under the heading Made In China. (The letters of the heading were also not produced here.) These items act as a testament both to commercialism & propaganda and to the need to read labels to ensure that, as consumers, we are truly supporting that which we endorse through purchasing power. Before becoming part of this window installation, this piece was shown in Money Money Money at ARC Gallery in Chicago.

The installation also includes various red, white and blue items and clothing gathered from throughout Cranky Yellow for the window display. Hint, hint to all you Where's Waldo collectors out there - said items are for sale should you see anything you're interested in. And Cranky Yellow is also opening up the window space for installation proposals, in case anyone's interested - you can go there and talk to them during open hours if you have something in mind for consideration. Do keep in mind that storefront windows are hot and that such displays often become sun-bleached.

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