Saturday, June 5, 2010

LampLight Studio

LampLight Studio had its grand opening today. Founded by multi-media artist Rob Miller and his wife Colleen, the ceramic arts center is housed in a re-purposed 1950s fire station in Overland, Missouri.

Upon visiting, I was immediately impressed with the scale and the attention to details. The old fire station is an incredible space in and of itself, and it is great to see it reappropriated for an art studio with its huge, open air space and double doors.

There is ample workspace in the ceramics studios (in what used to be the main bay of the fire station) with their high ceilings, and plenty of storage space for students and members alike. The space is very open to foster collaboration and communication and to encourage a sense of community.

A kiln-formed glass studio is situated in a side room with tables where artists can work on their own projects or work together. There are also other shared spaces, like a kitchenette, lounge & lunchroom, and a gallery space to showcase and sell artists' wares.

Membership is reasonably priced and a large variety of classes are offered for those who would like to learn more. So if you're looking to partner with a ceramics studio, I'd highly recommend checking LampLight Studio out.

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