Thursday, July 10, 2008

Penny Project Documentation

I've placed yet more pennies around the St. Louis metro area and have gotten a lot of feedback from people who have done so or are doing so as well. My husband thinks it would be interesting to put my penny page from my website on the pennies somewhere, perhaps circling the edge of the penny in super fine print that would require it be professionally printed to be read. I'm not sure about this idea, though.

I really like the notion that people could check out other people's penny ideas and wishes that they've dispensed and/or found, but I don't want to put an extra step in the production of pennies for those who would like to be involved. The simplicity of just needing a pen and label paper allows for more open participation.

And I'm not doing this for publicity, so I don't feel that my name needs to or should be attached to every penny that goes out. This isn't about that - it's about connecting with people and letting go our wishes and wants in order to better understand ourselves, to critically analyze the world in which we live, to provide a means of social commentary and to let go of things that we might otherwise not be able to.

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