Thursday, July 17, 2008

Globalization of Food

As I'd mentioned before, I first got into blogging because of the On Tap discussion in June. Well, it's that time again, and tonight the On Tap discussion will focus on the topic of the globalization of food.

I hope that there is some mention of sustainable agriculture and where we can purchase locally-grown foods. It is often difficult to determine what is and isn't grown locally because we import so many things that could be grown locally and even some of the so-called farmer's markets offer foods that didn't originate here. Also, I hope that there is some sort of information regarding area restaurants that support sustainable agriculture, like Schlafly Bottleworks (you can even tour their garden in back), so that we can take it into consideration when dining out as well as in. A great resource for this kind of information is Slow Food.

This is an important topic that touches all of us because it addresses rising gas prices, limited resources, environmental stability, economic attitudes, and food safety. Please feel free to attend - the discussion will take place at Llywelyn's in Webster Groves from 7 - 9 PM.

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ChaoticBlackSheep said...

Unfortunately this didn't delve as much into some of the things I had hoped to learn about so much as faith in capitalism to develop solutions to global food shortages vs. changing our lives to better society and the world population as a whole. There were some interesting points brought up, though.