Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mutants & Masterminds

Our gaming group is looking forward to trying out the newly rereleased Mutants and Masterminds gaming system wherein you create comic style superheroes and try to take over the world. Oh wait, my bad - that's try to save the world. Sorry. ;)

Character generation is extremely convoluted, but there are so many opportunities to create unique and highly specialized characters. The only system that I have previously gamed in with this much diversity and room for creativity is GURPS, and this has a very similar feel to GURPS Supers.

So far, I have created four characters. My so-called heroes are not quite heroic enough (or are at least overly creepy) for Chuck's tastes, but I am personally drawn to that and really like having the flexibility to do something different. Check out the two I have developed fully and intend to play on Chuck's blog:

Enigma - revised

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