Monday, February 23, 2009

Critique Groups

Art Saint Louis recently formed up several critique groups so that artists can get feedback on their work. Groups were formed based on region and the group I am in just had their first formal meeting tonight. I am psyched about it. Today was a chance to work through the logistics of how we would approach this and to meet one another so we didn't look at any artwork, but already I can tell that there is very good energy and a lot of insights and opinions to be brought to the table.

It is very important for artists to get feedback about their work. Too often, opportunities to do so are scarce outside of the university setting. Asking friends and those who know us well does not offer the same kind of raw insight that asking a group of lesser known people can because they have a sense of what we are trying to communicate already and can infer a lot. It is also nice to reach out and meet with people of varying disciplines and levels of expertise because they can offer different insights as well.

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