Sunday, January 9, 2011

About Art of the Week

I created Art of the Week to make an attempt to include more photos of my work here upon noticing that my blog was very devoid of images for an art blog, as it focused more on writing about art discourse, myself and life observations. As you may have noticed, these posts run the gamut of what I do and don't always fall in with my more serious work. These pieces will likely never be included on my website, at least not in the format presented, since they are just quickly captured in the moment with my digital camera.

The purpose of Art of the Week has developed to connect on a less formal level than my website. Thus I have intentionally featured artworks that offer more a sampling of who I am as a person; many of these pieces are made for fun or as explorations and will never be shown, so this is an opportunity to see into my life more than in the formal art setting. It also provides a glimpse into process and into my other interests, like model horses, role playing games, drawing and more.

I have intended to post new pieces every week but some weeks I find myself focusing on the management aspects of my art career: entering shows, catching up with galleries, networking and so on. Other weeks I find myself working on long-term or large-scale projects that are not as well suited due to the time spent or that I want to remain more private until their formal release in the art world setting.

I don't post on a regular schedule because I see it as a freeform platform to document some of who I am and what I do. I hope that you have enjoyed perusing some of the random musings and creations I have generated and posted.

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