Monday, January 24, 2011

This Week

I am going to be participating in a jewelry boutique this coming Saturday. The boutique will be at Framations, where I am a resident artist with my jewelry, and will include several local artists selling jewelry and other wearables, just in time for Valentine's Day. The event is happening in during the St. Charles Fete de Glace ice carving competition.

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts
jewelry and fashion accessories boutique
218 North Main St.
St. Charles, MO
Jan. 29, 2011
10 AM - 1 PM

I also have some artworks in these non-local exhibitions, which opened recently:

Hybrid Identity

Columbia Art League
207 S. Ninth St.
Columbia, MO
Jan. 18 - Feb. 26, 2011

Sanctuaries in Time
Jewish Women Artists' Network of the Women's Caucus for Art
Columbia / Barnard University Kraft Center for Jewish Life
606 W. 115 St.
New York City, NY
Jan. 21 - March 1, 2011

Nature's Human

Chautauqua Lecture Series national exhibition
Fred P. Giles Gallery
309 Campbell Building
Eastern Kentucky University
521 Lancaster Ave.
Richmond, KY
Jan. 24 - Feb. 18, 2011


missysue said...

Wow...that would be really neat to have an event during an ice carving competition!

love + luck + bliss,

ChaoticBlackSheep said...

Thanks. I'm looking forward to checking out the ice carving events. I am glad to be indoors though. :)