Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blessed Bonds

I recently read about Blessed Bonds in Cat Fancy magazine and had to write a post about it. Cat Fancy included an account by a woman who had to leave her home situation quickly due to domestic violence and so was moving in with her brother who was highly allergic to cats. She was distraught after contacting shelter after shelter that could not accommodate her pets and feared that they may be later euthanized should she find one to take them. Blessed Bonds fostered her cats until her life was "back to normal" and she was able to retrieve them.

Aunia Kahn wrote previously on her blog about some other organizations that work with domestic violence shelters and pet ownership, an unfortunately all too often overlooked aspect of domestic violence that is really important. Blessed Bonds works with people in different situations as well, like those in need of medical care or hospitalization or those in financial distress, offering assistance to others who need it too. I think it is very important for organizations like this to exist, that focus on offering temporary assistance to people who may otherwise lose their pets. It is just as important to keep pets in their homes as to find homes for those without, if not more so.

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