Monday, October 12, 2009

Studio Cleaning

I'd mentioned before that I have been cleaning out my studio. Wow, do I ever have a bunch of crap! I must have removed at least twenty five boxes of stuff out of my studio over the past week. Fortunately I'm almost done now. I have a handful more things to put away, but I can see the floor and get to almost everything now so it's a huge improvement.

Much of this will be sold at my mother's garage sale, coming up next week. I don't have many art supplies at all, just some cheap paper. Most of it is found vintage and antique stuff. There's some fabric leftover from other projects, including some obviously faux fur, but nothing very nice. And there are several costumes and costume accessories (Halloween is coming up soon after all), but no complete ensembles per se.

I would list things out to give a better feel, in case anyone is interested in coming to the garage sale, but most of it is really just junk. I'm not just saying that because I don't want it either - there's mostly a lot of broken random, deteriorating stuff. I used all of my good finds towards my show at the Green Center. If you think you want to come anyway and check it out in the hopes of finding a treasure, feel free to email me if you want to learn more. The sale will be next Wednesday, Oct. 21.

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