Thursday, October 22, 2009

More on Reviewing Art

I just wrote a second review for the Art Saint Louis blog, on the ArtFiber "... and then there were nine" exhibition currently on view at Maryville University's Morton J. May Foundation Gallery. I had previously written about "Cultivated Works: Victoria McAlister & Jen McKnight" and responded in my own blog here.

After writing the first review, I thought about what I learned and what challenges I'd faced and had really wanted to pursue writing again, but I hadn't been able to get to it formally until now, though I have posted some small reviews here on my own blog. (Lately, I've unfortunately been too busy to see shows when they're new and instead have been going near closing so I haven't wanted to write much, besides which I haven't had much time to write. I do still want to write more as I think I learn a lot from the process and will get better at it the more that I do it.)

Writing about this show posed very different challenges than the last. In some ways, writing about the artworks themselves was easier because I have more experience with writing (through trying to write more) and because there was so much to take in and respond to in the larger group format, but in other ways that made it even harder. Since the show highlights a range of works by multiple artists working in diverse methods, materials and concepts, I found it challenging to touch on the breadth of what was offered while still giving a good sense of what I saw and felt. This was especially hard for me as I tend to ramble and I didn't want the review to go on too long or to edit too much out trying to keep it short. As a result, I fear that I may have skimmed over some things that should have gotten more attention.

All in all, this was another excellent learning experience and something that I would like to continue to do when I can, for all that it may not be near so frequent as I would like. I am honored to have been able to write another review for the Art Saint Louis blog and would encourage others who are interested in trying their hand at writing to do the same at some point. It really fosters a better sense of appreciation for both the artwork itself (when taking the time to really study it) and for what is involved in writing about art.

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