Thursday, October 8, 2009

Studio Cleaning / Art Shows

Now that my big show is up at the Green Center, I've begun really cleaning out my studio. I've needed to do this for months but hate breaking up my creative time and the longer I put it off the more of a sense of dread it has generated. I have removed at least twenty boxes of stuff and I still have a lot to go through. Today I finally got around to putting in my new bookcase and reorganizing my books, including shelving all of the art books that were lying around without homes. My hope is to continue working on this as I can over the rest of the month while my work is away. After I get a better sense of what I have to get rid of, perhaps I'll post a list in case anyone is interested. Most of it is random found and worn objects, dried plants and some costume stuff, though - no real art supplies to speak of.

Anyway, if you missed my opening at the Green Center, please stop by and see the show sometime while it's up. I know that a lot of people couldn't make the Saturday reception with as much else as was going on, but the Green Center keeps fairly regular hours so hopefully you can see it later, although sometimes the staff are working off site so it can be a good idea to call first, especially if you plan to go in the morning. Like I said before, this is my biggest show to date including over 50 pieces, so it's a pretty big deal for me.

This week I am painting en plein air. Not today, due to the weather, but I intend to be out tomorrow and Saturday. The St. Charles plein air competition is this week and I am participating, although I won't be able to get nearly as much work done as last year due to other events. I am still hoping to have a couple pieces for the sale and the show at Framations, though. Tuesday and Wednesday I created some new paintings in Rocheport at Les Bourgeois Vineyards in anticipation of my show there from November 2009 - February 2010. And Saturday I'll be painting in Chesterfield for OutsideIn in conjunction with the unveiling of the Awakening.

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