Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 15 in the Box

Thank you Aquesha Reels for photographing my piece. Today was much quieter than yesterday, although a fellow artist did stop in to visit for awhile which was nice. (She was the only visitor to the gallery, though.) While at the gallery, I began reading Institutional Critique and After, which has provided some interesting insights into how people perceive of institutional critique work and how many regard it to have become institutionalized itself, in part through the generation of the term "institutional critique" and its consequent abbreviation "IC." It has also been interesting to learn more about some of the artists and ideas involved.

In regards to being in the box today, I think that perhaps my body has become more accustomed to it. (Or perhaps the headiness of the book I brought with me is serving to distract.) I still find myself shifting around a lot on the hard floor, but I have gotten used to the challenge of doing so and the act of moving in the confined space is becoming second nature. My back, shoulders and neck are stiff but are not drawing as much attention to themselves as they have in the past. This phenomenon must be somewhat akin to what I've heard about people who are forced to endure living with a chronic condition, in that those individuals eventually become so used to it as to be more oblivious to the pain and even less aware of its effects on their movements and activities. However, this is my first real experience with such a loss of sensation and/or awareness and it is both odd and somewhat frightening to think that I could get used to my circumstances after awhile.

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