Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 3 in the Box

Today I am beginning to feel the effects of lying on a hard surface for extended periods of time. I found myself shifting around considerably more in order to raise my lower back off of the floor. I am grateful that tomorrow will mark a day off. Next week will be much more trying since I will be there for six days in a row, but I visit the chiropractor in the middle of the week so hopefully that will help.

I also became even more aware of just how cramped the space really is while trying to nap a little this morning. Curling up to sleep was difficult and lying motionless for long periods caused various limbs (whichever ones were wedged between me and the floor) to fall asleep very rapidly and efficiently. This made it difficult to sleep for any significant amount of time and I found myself startling awake every few minutes to shift around and then drift off again. I wonder if this is something that the dogs must contend with throughout their lives, most without the luxury of a pan between their bodies and the wire cage bottom. Many of the puppy mill dogs sport horrible wounds from the wire cutting into their paws and other parts of their bodies and I wonder if they are prone to bedsores as well.

It has recently come to my attention that some of you are having difficulties leaving comments. My blog account is set up to take comments from registered users including open ID people because I don't want to enable anonymous comments. (I really want for people posting comments to have some sort of identity attached to them, even if it is just a contrived Internet avatar.) I know that sometimes it can take a little while after you have registered to be recognized, and Chuck informed that Blogger was having some trouble with comments a couple of weeks ago. So I am uncertain if either is affecting your ability to post your thoughts and responses. I wanted to say that I deeply appreciate the response that I have gotten to this piece and just how supportive everyone has been, though.

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