Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 16 in the Box

Thank you Vincent Stemmler for photographing my piece. I finished reading Institutional Critique and After today. I especially enjoyed the Guerrilla Girls' museum activities for children pamphlet. Even after a day off, I am not near so stiff and am still pretty adept at shifting around, although not wearing a skirt helps in this immensely because I have more freedom of movement.

I can definitely tell that the experience of being in the crate is becoming second nature to me. In fact, I imagine that if I had spent a much longer time in the crate (not just gallery hours) that not only would I be even more used to it, I would have a hard time adjusting when I reemerged. It amazes me that the dogs could actually get used to this, which is truly unfortunate. Now I am beginning to understand why those dogs that have been rescued seek the comfort of their crates; that is all that they have known and is therefore "safe".

Just so you know, tomorrow is the last day of my performance, so if you wanted to stop in and see it in person that will be your last chance. The gallery is open from 11 AM - 4 PM.

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