Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 7 in the Box

Thank you Delores McKenzie-Bush for photographing my piece today. This marks a week since I began my performance. Today, I intentionally deprived myself of reading material in order to better understand and appreciate the experience. I am starting to become aware of some psychological effects that this is having. By spending so much time in the crate I am beginning to feel disconnected, as if everything else is peripheral or secondary. As a result, I am becoming self-absorbed, or at least absorbed in the situation. I feel generally drained and lethargic and actually don't desire to be all that social both in and out of the crate.

It is genuinely a privilege to be able to do this in the first place. I have thought about this on numerous occasions while at the gallery. Most people would not be able to put off their lives for the duration of a show to do an extensive endurance performance. I do think that the time I am spending is worthwhile because I am coming to a better understanding of the situation and am engaging others in it. But I will admit that I can have a hard time justifying my art as a whole at times normally, knowing that so many people are struggling so hard just to make ends meet. I think the situation is starting to get to my head and that is what is causing my doubt and uncertainty. Next week will be a welcome break.

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