Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 17 in the Box - Last Day

Thank you Dolores McKenzie-Bush for photographing my piece one last time. So today was my last day in the box. It's weird getting done with this because I feel like I should be going again tomorrow. I have grown so used to it that tomorrow already seems like a mishap with me not going in. If I hadn't had prior plans and had actually been able to perform my piece for the duration of the show, I likely may have even gone in Friday forgetting that the show ends Thursday. I guess I've just accepted the performance as a part of my routine to more of a degree than I'd realized.

Several people stopped in today, mostly students but also a couple of artists, so foot traffic was pretty steady. A few people who had seen me before stopped in to see me again, including the student who visited me on Day 13 and another whom had been wanting a photo. I wonder if some of the others, including the student who has checked in on me frequently, will return tomorrow or Thursday for the last two days of the show to be surprised to find that I'm no longer there.

I intend to write one last post as an overview of the experience tomorrow evening, once I have had some more time to process it all. All in all, these 17 days have really made me aware of my own habits and freedoms and a little of what dogs who are confined for extended periods endure.


Sudeaux said...

Just ran across this post and had to say Thank You for your courageous stand against the plight of our chained dogs.

ChaoticBlackSheep said...

Thank you very much. I hope that my piece was able to raise some awareness and encourage people to be more aware of the circumstances surrounding their pets' births and care.