Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 8 in the Box

Thank you Ciera Stewart for photographing my piece again today, especially given that the camera batteries were almost entirely dead. Today was excruciatingly slow. The campus will be closed next week for spring break and a lot of people seem to already be on vacation. Only a handful of people stopped in, including another artist in the show whom I had met previously and a couple of people who were so weirded out by my performance that they wouldn't even set foot in the same space in the gallery. They took off pretty much as soon as they saw me, so they unfortunately didn't see the rest of the show or get a better understanding of why I am there.

Again depriving myself of reading material, I found myself napping on and off. I definitely think that a lack of much external stimulation is causing me to become more tired, because I have otherwise been sleeping okay after the first night. (The night after the reception I had some truly bizarre dreams.) Unfortunately the environment doesn't lend itself well to napping and I have never been good at sleeping in public places, so I often wake up after what feels like an hour or two to discover that only three minutes have passed. In regards to other things, I am noticing that I am becoming more acutely aware of subtle noises around me, like the sound of the heater kicking on or of people walking by outside of the gallery or even the wind blowing past the outer door, which is really not all that close.

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