Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 6 in the Box

Thank you Ciera Stewart for photographing my piece. My chiropractor appointment this morning confirmed that my muscles are tense, but otherwise I was not as bad off as I feared I would be. Then again, it's only been 6 days. And my neck is already sore again from bending over to scrunch into the small space - it didn't take long at all. I am really starting to think that the act of being in the crate encourages me to be tired and lethargic, perhaps because I have so little freedom of movement. This holds even more true now, with me having finished reading all of the magazines in their entirety this morning, so intellectual stimulation is also a factor.

The same student who visited me yesterday checked up on me again today, as did a couple of others. The gallery was actually pretty busy on and off today, and I talked to several more students of varying disciplines who stopped in, accidentally scaring a couple of people who hadn't noticed me before I spoke to them. People are intrigued by why I am there and are motivated to read my statement, which I have posted by my piece along with information on puppy mills and MAAL bumper stickers. Many have taken information on puppy mills and/or bumper stickers with them, and several have returned later on to check in on me, so I seem to be making an impression. I can't say for certain whether or not anyone will actively advocate on animals' behalf, but I do feel that many will have more consideration for the treatment of animals when acquiring a pet.

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